About us

Adel Alwakeel Company is a Saudi Consulting engineering of highly experienced working in the field of design and project management, and the work of internal and external design firm, and the development of the construction industry requirements in the Kingdom.

From a humble beginning in 2012, the company just completed several projects in the private sector.

Adel Alwakeel company just acquired extensive experience in many of the projects implemented in residential buildings and commercial facilities.

Adel Alwakeel Company just participated in major projects that require a high degree of expertise and efficiency by investing energies for the manufacture of a difference in the reconstruction and real estate field through the development of our methods and continuous innovation, creativity and planning a renewed using the techniques and programs of modern for leadership in achieving the priorities and objectives of the client.

Adel Alwakeel Company acts as a representative of the owner during all phases of the project, where we have the knowledge, skills and expertise of engineers specialized in all areas to meet project requirements and client needs.

Adel Alwakeel Company team also has the quality of leadership and the ability to apply the basic principles to solve problems in new and unfamiliar situations which became distinctive feature of the changing environment in the construction industry.

Our Team